San Francisco, United States - November 2017  
Looking With John Chiara
At series of his photos at Haines Gallery.

Using cameras he has designed and built himself, John Chiara’s inventive techniques, such as shooting directly onto positive color photographic paper, leave behind visible traces of his process. The resulting works of art invite us to contemplate their content while pointing to the chemical aspects of their creation. The subtle streaking, overexposure and sharpening of detail Chiara achieves in his work amplify a sense of disassociation.
Chiara has recently photographed the facades of houses throughout San Francisco’s Excelsior and Sunset districts, producing portraits of mid-century architectural styles distinctive to the neighborhoods. These buildings often fill the image with a monumentality that belies their unusual eccentricities and aged appearances. Rather than wax nostalgic about a bygone era, these photographs draw our attention to fading elements of the landscape and tell a thoughtful, complex story about the changing San Francisco terrain.