San Francisco, United States - July 2012  
Looking With Teresa
At the skyscrapers of San Francisco,

"Where is America?"

I asked this question from my father when I was about 4 or 5 years old!

He answered, "A big country on the other side of the world!"
- Do they have a sea? (Being born & raised in a port near the Persian gulf, it was important to me if we have similarity I guess!)
- Yes, they do.
- Do they have snow?
- Yes, they have snow.
- How come they have snow and sea at the same time?! (Since I lived in that port which does not even rain that much, having/seeing snow was a dream, and when I asked before why we do not have snow here, they told me, when you have sea you can not have snow! Obviously that was not the correct answer, but it was enough answer to stop a curious kid from asking more questions!)

And he replied, "Hmmm,... Because it is America,... They have sea and snow at the same time!"
- What else do they have?

And my father thought for a few seconds then he said, "They have skyscrapers!"
- WHAT?! (Skyscraper means "آسمان خراش" in Persian, and the word itself was literally translated and used in Persian, so in my mind they have special machine that scrape the poor beautiful sky!) Why they are doing this?!
My father understood how I felt, so quickly he added, "Skyscraper means a tall building."
Impressed by the word that they called those tall buildings, a smile came to my face,... Wishing of seeing those skyscrapers in person.

Since then I've seen lots of skyscrapers, in Tehran, Paris and some other cities that I've visited in the world,...
Today, is the first anniversary of my migration to the United state, and among all those that I've seen, I love the skyscrapers of United States the most!

I 'm in love with skyscrapers , especially if you are in America
Posted by soroush bahrpeyma on Oct 26, 2012 at 12:59 pm