Boston, United States - May 2010  
Looking With A Student
At the Old South Church in Boston. The church building was designed between 1870 and 1872 by the Boston architectural firm of Cummings and Sears in the Venetian Gothic style.

Old South Church in Boston is home to one of the older religious communities in the United States, organized by dissenters from Boston's First Church in 1669, and from that time known as the Third Church in Boston. The Third Church's congregation met first in their Cedar Meeting House (1670), then at the Old South Meeting House (1729) at the corner of Washington and Milk Streets in Boston. Members of the congregation included Samuel Adams, William Dawes, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Sewall, and Phillis Wheatley. In 1773, Samuel Adams gave the signals from the Old South Meeting House for the "war whoops" that started the Boston Tea Party.