San Francisco, United States - June 2012  
Looking With Yasmine
At the beautiful landscape of San Francisco from Twin Peaks!

As you see in the photo, there are some Pink balloons and some canvasses which were installed by "Friends of the Pink Triangle".
Friends of the Pink Triangle is a small group of volunteers who, on a tiny budget construct a gigantic pink triangle on Twin Peaks. It can be seen for 20 miles. The Pink Triangle has been installed for each Pride weekend since 1996, as a visible yet mute reminder of man's inhumanity to man. The community has embraced the pink triangle as a symbol of pride, though it was once used in an attempt to label and shame. It is always good to remind people of the hatred and prejudice of the past to help educate others and try to prevent such hatred from happening again.

Many hardworking individuals make the display possible every year by climbing the hill and installing over 175 bright pink canvasses and thousands of steel spikes.